How to socialize a feral cat

Do not let kitten scratch you. When bringing any new cat into how to socialize a feral cat home, you need to give them a small piece of it to make their own. Your eight week old feral kitty may be scared for weeks. They need to feel safe. It may take some time, but your heart will leap the day she slowly blinks back at you.
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Socializing a Feral Cat: It’s all about Trust - CatCentric

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After socializing the kittens, they will need adoptive homes.

Colony Management - Socializing Feral Kittens

Socialization. Congratulations on deciding to foster and socialize kittens! Spending time with these fuzzy little guys, though a lot of work, will also be a lot of fun. Of course, socializing male ferals can be done following the same steps and suggestions presented here.) Socializing a feral cat doesn't occur overnight, and it. We don't. We completely change our mindset. If you're adopting or fostering a feral cat, all that is required for your mutual happiness is her trust.
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Put towel in your lap and place kitten on towel.


They take you home, and give you your own room. If kitty seems interested, keep going. It may take some time, but your heart will leap the day she slowly blinks back at you. And when that foundation of trust is firmly in place, expect a bond of love like no other. Do you have the time it takes to socialize kittens? And instead of going home, you are put on a plane.
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Kittens older than two months eight weeks of age often take more time and skill to socialize. We can make this work to our advantage. Do you want your new mom to come in, expecting you to want to be held, hugged, and cuddled?
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FERAL CATS ARE NOT SOCIALIZED TO PEOPLE AND CAN'T BE ADOPTED. feral-kittens1 Your first instinct when you see kittens may be to swoop them up. To learn about Taming Ferals, watch our video Tough Love, Socializing Feral Kittens and read the Taming guidelines below as well as checking out the many. “Alana, I volunteer for a trap neuter release org outside of Philadelphia, so I spend a lot of time around feral cats. If you are able to provide.
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