Signs of constipation in cats

Straining in the litter box, little or no poop, signs of constipation in cats hard dry poop are common signs of constipation. By far the most common cause of constipation in a kitty is inadequate fluid intake, so the first thing I want to know about a constipated cat is what he's eating on a daily basis. Just like humans, any pet can develop this uncomfortable condition at any time during its lifetime. In these cases, a radiograph X-ray may be necessary to assess the problem. However, the most signs of constipation in cats cases may end up costing hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars in diets, drugs and procedures.
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Diagnosing constipation itself is straightforward, as it is based on clinical symptoms, but tests may need to be done to diagnosis the cause of the constipation. Signs Your Cat Is Constipated Your cat should poop every single day, and if you're disciplined about keeping his litter box clean, you'll be able to monitor his "output" daily. Not sure about food puzzles?

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Constipation in Cats Can Be Serious. Learn How to Deal With It

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Constipation in Cats

While constipation in cats is not uncommon, it's definitely not comfortable for “ Anything that causes dehydration in a cat may result in constipation,” says Bales. Many cases of constipation in cats are treatable and minor. However, other cases of feline constipation may belie more serious health conditions like anal gland. Constipation is a common condition found in our feline friends. Learn more about constipation in cats, including causes, signs, and symptoms.
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I have had many guardians tell me, "It's normal for my cat to only poop every third day.


View All Pet Videos. One of the most common causes of constipation in cats is dehydration due to inadequate fluid intake, which can result from a dry food diet. If you want to use an article on your site please click here. The friendly and inquisitive LaPerm has an easy-care coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. This is a condition where the large intestine becomes distended and filled with hard fecal matter. Laxatives, stool softeners, and enemas may need to be given to help a cat pass feces.
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Left unaddressed, it can cause serious complications. In cats eating dry food, constipation is best treated by a slow transition to a species-appropriate, moisture rich diet, an increase in daily water intake, adequate exercise, and the addition of appropriate natural remedies and therapies beneficial in helping to resolve constipation.
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Causes of constipation in cats include dehydration; GI motility problems; painful defecation; orthopedic or neurologic problems; and obstruction. Kittens usually experience more diarrhea than constipation, but a kitten that has trouble passing stool or isn't defecating can be just as serious. Many cases of constipation in cats are treatable and minor. However, other cases of feline constipation may belie more serious health conditions like anal gland.
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