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News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor. Bear this in mind before adopting a kitten. By getting another cat, the two will keep each other company and stay out of trouble. There are so many cats living in shelters who are in need of a forever home. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!
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There's a ton of advice out there on how to introduce a second cat so you're minimizing conflict and making sure they're not just going to peacefully co-exist, but that they might become best buddies. Provided that they are well matched and have plenty of space to live together, two cats provide each other with their necessary needs:

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Reasons you should buy a second cat

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Backup when hatching cunning plans Shutterstock. People often ask me if they should get a kitten to help liven up their older cat.

Are You Prepared for More Than One Cat?

By getting another cat, the two will keep each other company and stay out of trouble. Three Things You Should Know Before Taking in a Second Cat. If you like. Dr. Marty Becker shares questions to ask when you're deciding whether or not you should get a second cat and offers advice on how to. Have you been wondering whether or not to get a new furry pet? Find out if Take the quiz. Owning a cat is a lot more responsibility than you may think! Find.
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So why not get your cat a buddy from the rescue shelter? If the video doesn't start playing momentarily, please install the latest version of Flash.

Cats get lonely, too

It's undeniable that Cat 2 filled in the family, and he filled in the space that was missing for her, too. Regardless of what most people think, cats are social animals who thrive in bonded pairs. The Animal Humane Society agrees , giving tips on how to make what's essentially a major life change for both cats a little less chaotic. Hit these museum shops for the coolest holiday gifts. Trending Now on NYPost. We're not sure how old Myka was when we got her.
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The Veterinary Centers of America say that's one of the key factors in determining just how much your cat really, really wants a sidekick. If he had ended up at a shelter, who knows what would have happened to him.
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You have a cat companion, but you're gone all day and think he's bored and lonely. You think, wouldn't he like a feline friend. Or, perhaps you just love cats and. By getting another cat, the two will keep each other company and stay out of trouble. Three Things You Should Know Before Taking in a Second Cat. If you like. Before you do anything else, you have to know whether your pet would tolerate a second kitty in the house — otherwise, you could end up as.
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