Big ear cat

This Australian bred cat has big ears, but they might not seem as proportionately long when you look at their eyes which are equally large and beautiful. Burmese are also playful, and maintain a kitten's interests and energy throughout their adulthood. They can be solid, parti-color or tabby, calico or tortoiseshell. These domestic cats with big ears often resemble these wild cats more than others. Young cute male cat wearing a harness go on lawn big ear cat lifted tail. They are big ear cat large cat in general which extends to their ears. This trait gives the cat what is often described as an "owl-like" appearance.
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The coat color must be brown, typically reddish-brown, with no tabby markings. I still love my mr.

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Big eared cat breeds

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Both breeds are entertainingly chatty and known to have an inquisitive nature. The Burmese cat knows the secret to aging gracefully.

Long Eared Domestic Cats

Some cat breeds have big ears because they are big cats. However, body size is not what we mean by big eared cat breeds. We mean cats with ears which. In the animal world, large ears aren't just utterly adorable, they're extremely useful Fennecs are also kept as pets, much like dogs and cats. The biggest feature available in these breeds of cats is that they don't Breed Description: This breed is characterized by curled ears and have.
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Like Persian cats, Himalayans tend to have a round body with short legs, which makes it harder for them to jump as high as other cats. They love to cuddle and spend a lot of time with their owners, even choosing to rest on their shoulders.

Russian Blue

Perhaps the cat with the longest ears, everything about the Oriental cat is long. The species is actually a mixture of Siamese and Abyssinian. Mature females weigh pounds when they achieve full growth at three to four years of age. Bombays are extremely affectionate. These are distinctive markings which appear on the back of the ear and resemble the shape of eyes. Burmese are also playful, and maintain a kitten's interests and energy throughout their adulthood. If the video doesn't start playing momentarily, please install the latest version of Flash.
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One almost unique physical trait on these long ears is the presence of ocelli. Burmese are good with children and dogs. Cute cat with big ears posing like a model.
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Cats with big ears could very well be the most adorable animals in the universe. These very special breeds that this unique big ear features are. This article discusses the top 30 breeds of domestic cats, from the elegant Abyssinian The Abyssinian has alert, relatively large, pointed ears. Love a cat with oversized ears? So do we! From the Abyssinian to the Sphynx, here are 10 adorable cat breeds with rather large ears.
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