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View our Privacy Policy. Spraying Feliway on objects you declawing cats alternatives not want your cat to scratch effectively depositis this feel good pheromone so your cat doesn't feel the need to scratch the object. An alternative procedure is to sever the tendons that allow the cat to extend his claws. The presence of the balloons may be enough to deter your cat. The tape works as an aversion tool, but you still need to provide a place for kitty to scratch declawing cats alternatives such as a scratching post.
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What are Alternatives to Cat Declawing?

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A cat without claws is in grave danger outdoors.

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5 Cat-Friendly Alternatives To Declawing. by Andee Bingham. Declawing is becoming widely regarded as cruel, destructive, and unnecessary as health and . The effects of declawing on cats are severe, physically, physiologically, and behaviorally. Take a look at some humane alternatives. While it is normal for cats to scratch things (to mark territory as well as to condition their . Tendonectomy: A Surgical Alternative to Declawing.
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In a move designed to stem the rising tide of legislation passed by individual California cities outlawing medical procedures the state views as legal, the California Veterinary Medical Association CVMA sponsored SB , which took effect on January 1, The best thing to do is observe her scratching behavior and try to match your scratcher purchase to it. Designed by a veterinarian, these easy-to-apply nail-caps cover your cats' claws, helping protect your skin, floors and furniture. This website is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian. Cats also realized very quickly that a major resource for defending themselves is no longer available and this may be why biting develops as a new defense.
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Please Sign In or Register to continue. Depending on whether your kitty is sociable or shy, that could be your busy family room or a quiet corner of a spare bedroom.
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I've always been a staunch opponent of declawing cats. In fact, when I filled out the application to adopt my sweet, departed Dahlia, I answered. There are so many humane alternatives to declawing, there is no reason to consider it as a solution for scratching. As we like to say, paws need. Consider one of these gentle alternatives to declawing.
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