Cat acting lethargic

As a rule of thumb, you should make a veterinary appointment if uncharacteristic lethargy lasts for more than 24 hours. This may be anything from urinalysis to chest and abdominal x-rays. Mona M 3 months ago. Heart Disease Heart disease cat acting lethargic cats is caused by cardiomyopathy, which is when their heart muscles become too thick and rigid to perform normally. Arthritis Cat acting lethargic a cat ages, they are more likely to develop arthritis. Lethargy is described as a state of drowsiness, inactivity or indifference.
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If your cat is lethargic, not eating well and has pale gums, we will perform a blood test to determine the cause.

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Cat Acting Lethargic? Here's What That Could Mean | Care2 Healthy Living

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Cancer Cancer is much less common in cats than it is in dogs; however, if a cat has cancer it is more likely to be more aggressive. These may be symptomatic of a blockage, which can be life-threatening if not dealt with by a professional.

Cat Acting Lethargic? Here’s What That Could Mean

A lethargic cat may be in need of recuperation and should be given a low stress, .. he was “hanging” out by litter box, not eating and wasn't acting right. Take your cat to the vet if it starts drinking and peeing a lot, shows aggressive and thirst and peeing, peeing outside the litter box, lethargy and depression. Lethargy is a lack of energy and inactivity beyond what is normal. It is a common sign of an underlying disorder. We look at the causes.
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Lauren Bowen August 22, About Lauren. As a rule of thumb, you should make a veterinary appointment if uncharacteristic lethargy lasts for more than 24 hours. Cats often sleep for hours upon hours a day.

When Are Cat Naps Not Normal?

Sneezing, coughing, discharge from the nose Labored breathing Scratching or shaking of the head Excessive drooling or salivating Inflammation of the mouth Urinating outside the litter box Straining to urinate or eliminate, changes in bowel movements What are the most common causes of lethargy in cats? However, if your cat is lethargic, retching or gagging without throwing up a hairball, not eating, and has constipation or diarrhea, you should bring your cat in for a vet appointment. Some common symptoms of heat stroke include lethargy, drooling, panting, red tongue and gums, vomiting and diarrhea, bleeding from the nose, and muscle tremors. The views expressed above are solely those of the author and may not reflect those of Care2, Inc. Your cat could be depressed for a number of reasons like lack of attention, death of another pet or family member in the household, or an untreated medical issue.
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If your cat is acting differently than usual, they might have a hidden infection.
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Is your cat lethargic, or seems to lack energy and spunk? Does your cat refuse to eat or drink? Do you just know that your cat is not acting normally? For example. Here are five things that might be happening with a cat acting weird. If your cat isn't eating, drinks excess water, seems lethargic, hides for. Everyone knows that cats love their naps. But its possible that a cat can sleep too much - a possible symptom of lethargy. Learn if your cat is.
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