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Never fails that my female cat will follow me into the bathroom. When my 3 year old cat is being extremely affectionate and so demanding that I drop everything and pet or brush him, once I begin, his tail bristles as he purrs and rubs up against me. Quora has great answers. PushPurrCatPawsdaftcat75ans and 1 other person purraised this. Cat tail vibrates his breathing while he sleeping.
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Thanks again for the clarity. His sister's don't do it though! Her tale is always straight up in the air when I let her outside for her 10m of exercise, almost like a hound dog.

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What does it mean if my cat's tail is vibrating? | TheCatSite

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Rather unusual that she will shimmy her entire tail whenever anyone pets her. She might be depressed that your daughter is never around.

Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language: The Tail

Is your cat's tail straight up and quivering? Most likely this means your cat is happy to see you. This tail expression tells you your cat is excited. A quiver tail is how many cats express that same anticipation. Not all cats do it. Why does my cat's tail vibrate when it walks in front of the fridge? 4, Views. My cat gets hungry and his tail shakes like a rattlesnake!.
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It is frustrating because he almost always manages to thrash it against my noisy metal headboard. And when just the tip of the tail is twitching, your cat is alert and concentrating on something, usually prey.

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They have sharp teeth and surprisingly powerful jaws. Email required Address never made public. Understanding Feline Body Language. View my complete profile. Several months ago I started noticing something peculiar.
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He has a very long tail and he holds it straight up much of the time.
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My grandma's cat did this when she got treats. But what are the other usual reasons and what does this behavior actually mean? Find out here!. My cat gets hungry and his tail shakes like a rattlesnake!. And last, but of course, not least in this series of Understanding Your Cat's Body Language, we get to the tail. Personally, I think a cat's tail.
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