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Some clearly appreciated the opportunity to roam the adoption center. All were clearly confused why some yoga with cats near me were sitting around on mats, cooing and dangling socks in an attempt to win their favor. Unlike dogs, says Pease, cats seem to want to hop right in when their humans are exercising: Adult cats in particular can use the added attention. Homeward Bound social media volunteer Jeanette Skaluba came up with event after a video of year-old cat Oreo riding on her shoulder went viral.
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Some clearly appreciated the opportunity to roam the adoption center. Did I sense that the fluffy Persian was judging my sloppy Triangle pose? But when the two come together, it's a match made in heaven - and even more so when it's for such a wonderful cause.

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Santa Barbara's cat café, Cat Therapy offers cat yoga with rescue cats | Metro News

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All were clearly confused why some women were sitting around on mats, cooing and dangling socks in an attempt to win their favor. One had their butt in my face, but we had so much fun with them. Six adoptable cats from the shelter were welcomed into the studio, allowed to wander among the students and join in on the activity.

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Oreo was all over me I thought, THIS is a yoga cat. She sure has a Jeanette recorded video of the cat yoga class to promote Adopt-a-Cat Month in June We offer cuddle time with adoptable cats in a comfortable setting and private We also host events such as Yoga with Cats, Painting with Cats, and Crafting with. The event, which was in partnership with no-kill Homeward Bound Pet Shelter ( HBPS), was organized this June in an attempt to promote Adopt-a-Cat Month—as .
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One had their butt in my face, but we had so much fun with them.

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Homeward Bound , a no-kill pet shelter in Illinois, recently teamed up with a local studio, Yoga at Connie's , to host a special class featuring adoptable adult cats. YashodaJordan 3 years ago I Miss my cats. As fun as the class was, it resulted in more than just a good time. Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. There are so many weird and wonderful types of yoga now that the original yogis will be really gracefully turning in their graves. Login Forgot your password? Some were a little more reluctant, cautiously exploring the space.
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Others paused between poses for a quick head rub. Share on Facebook Pin it. It was started by a musician and photographer called Cat no joke , who came up with the idea after volunteering at a local cat shelter and realising how many friendly felines needed adopting in the city.
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This session is now SOLD OUT. Purchase tickets for our March, April or May sessions. All-levels vinyasa yoga with adoptable cats in Providence Animal Center's. Love yoga AND cats? Lead by our friends at Interested in future Meowmaste, Yoga with Cats? Contact Home for the Holidays Adopt-a-thon. Practice your best cat stretches with rescue kitties at our Cats on Mats Yoga Night! You are invited to arrive a few minutes before to enjoy a cup of any of our soothing Japanese green teas as we transform our Cat Lounge into a yoga studio. FINAL SALE: Yoga classes are non.
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