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Tilt your cat's head back gently until their nose points toward the get cat to eat pill, which should cause your cat's jaw to open slightly. Sometimes I'd give her a small fourth piece to end the encounter on a nice note! Basically, I'd prefer not to force him to swallow them. The first time our cat figured out there was a pill inside was the last time she would go near a pill pocket. Then I pry the clamped jaws open by wedging my middle fingernail between the front teeth and pulling down.
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I suspect liquid is the way to go.

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How to Give a Cat a Pill

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And get miffed at you for a bit.

Life Hacks For Cats: How to Get Your Cat to Take a Pill

A closeup of a cat getting a pill. Can't get your cat to take a pill easily? Although most cats won't eat a pill hidden in food, one of the most. Help me trick my cat into eating his pills. . If this is long-term medication, get your vet to call the prescription into a compounding pharmacy. She drools like crazy, too, which means that if the pill doesn't get alllll the way My friend's cat actually loves it and eats pills very willingly now.
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Lots of sniffing and gentle tasting will occur.

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When I was younger, we had a cat that really, really loved cheese. Soon, she'd look forward to the pilling because she knew she'd get the treat. Hide the Scent in Wet Food If your cat absolutely adores wet food, then try hiding the pill in some especially aromatic, extra tasty versions of her favorite dishes. It was more efficient and less traumatic than all the other ways I tried. This will kill the bad taste and make it a little slipperier. Pill has been taken!
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Can your vet give you the meds in a different form? There's some ideas in there that I might try and some that I know won't work. Stand at the counter with a piece of cheese, ignore the cat.
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After the pill has been placed in the cat's mouth, make sure that the pill is To make it extra likely he will eat the food, consider giving his all-time favorite treat. The ability to sense bitter is a two way street, it protects animals that eat plants If the tablet form is well coated and the proper size for your cat, you might get by giving it orally. If you have to give pills to your cat purchase a simple pill gun. A closeup of a cat getting a pill. Can't get your cat to take a pill easily? Although most cats won't eat a pill hidden in food, one of the most.
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